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Lincolnshire Landscapes

Launch event

Lincolnshire Landscapes was built around the Impact Fellowship commissioned artwork by Simon Read. The aim was to create a day of talks and creative practice inspired by the landscape of Lincolnshire. The day concluded with a reception to mark the official 'launch' of Simon Read's artwork A Map of Alkborough Flats and the Humber Estuary to explore the processes impacting upon the decision to establish a Managed Realignment Site (2012) installed in the School of Geography at Nottingham in 2013. 

Carrlands Carrlands

Workshop details

Lincolnshire Landscapes

Highfield House, University of Nottingham
16th April 2013


  • Daniel Grimley (University of Oxford)
  • Sophie Hollinshead (University of Nottingham)
  • David Matless (University of Nottingham)
  • Jon McGregor (University of Nottingham)
  • Simon Read (Middlesex University)
  • Mike Pearson (University of Aberystwyth)
  • Ian Waites (University of Lincoln)


A small selection of feedback:

Thanks for an excellent day on Tuesday... As always, I learnt a vast amount, and the issues and discussions will feed into my own writing and teaching for a long time.
 Just wanted to say what a really interesting and enlightening day we had on Tuesday.
Thank you for an excellent day. I thought the range of contributions was very engaging and I was especially pleased to be introduced to the work of Jon McGregor and Mike Pearson. The Programme's commissions have produced impressive outcomes.


Alkborough  Alkborough

Workshop documents

PDF file icon  Workshop booklet (with speaker profiles)

PDF file icon  Workshop summary report

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