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Fellowship outline

Following on from the Landscape and Environment Programme's aim to establish a distinctive and engaging arts and humanities research perspective on landscape and environment, the Impact Fellowship is involved in further activities to develop the dissemination of the research to both public and academic audiences. By linking with a wide range of partners that connect with the public, the Fellowship has the resources and expertise to enable us to generate a public impact strategy that will be beneficial to society as a whole.

Steve Daniels and others at Ousefleet, Performing Geographies workshop, June 2011 Steve Daniels and others at Ousefleet, Performing Geographies workshop, June 2011


A number of events were organised as part of the Fellowship:

Workshop series:

  1. 'Writing Worlds', 3rd June 2011, University of Nottingham
  2. 'Performing Geographies', 5-6th June 2011, North Lincolnshire
  3. 'Narrating Environmental Change', 14th June 2011, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London
  4. 'Bringing Landscapes to Life', 28th June 2011, National Trust Central Office, London

Film screening and discussion: Robinson in Ruins, 23rd and 24th June 2011, Broadway Cinema, Nottingham and University of Nottingham
Live performance: Warplands, 1st September 2011, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London
Film premiere: Imagining Change: Coastal Conversations, 27th March 2012, Planet under Pressure, Excel Centre, London
Artwork Launch: Lincolnshire Landscapes, 16th April 2013, University of Nottingham


The three main outputs of the Fellowship include:

  • Book: Landscapes of the National Trust was co-authored by Stephen Daniels and Lucy Veale with Ben Cowell (National Trust) and published in October 2015.
  • Website: This website will be an archived resource for the Landscape and Environment programme
  • Performance: Professor Mike Pearson (Aberystwyth University) was commisioned to create a new 'soundwork' titled Warplands

Additional outputs developed during the course of the Fellowship include:

Fellowship partners

  • English Heritage
  • Landscape Research Group
  • National Trust
  • Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)
  • Tate

Advisory Board

 Impact Fellowship Advisory Board

The advisory board met twice during the Impact Fellowship year (in March and October of 2011).

Advisory Board members:
  • Professor John Rink (Chair), Professor of Musical Performance Studies, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge 
  • Dr Ben Cowell, Director of External Affairs, The National Trust
  • Professor Poul Holm, Professor of Environmental History and Academic Director of the Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr Graham Fairclough, Head of Characterisation, English Heritage
  • Dr Nigel Llewellyn, Head of Research, Tate
  • Dr Catherine Leyshon, Associate Professor of Historical and Cultural Geography, College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter
  • Dr Hayden Lorimer, Senior Lecturer, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Sally Mackey, Deputy Dean of Studies and Reader in Applied Theatre, Central School of Speech and Drama
  • Dr Catherine Souch, Head of Research and Higher Education, Royal Geographical Society

Fellowship newsletters

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PDF file icon August 2011

Fellowship book

landscapes book






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