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Several project teams have published books based on the research completed for their Landscape and Environment projects. A number of other volumes are currently being prepared. Chapters on Landscape and Environment projects have also featured in other volumes which are detailed below.

Project books

 Hadrian's Wall. A Life (2012)

Hadrian's Wall. A Life (2012)

Project: Tales of the Frontier

Author: Richard Hingley

Publisher: Oxford University Press

While the Wall is famous as a Roman construct, its monumental physical structure did not suddenly cease to exist in the fifth century. This volume explores the after-life of Hadrian's Wall and considers the ways it has been imagined, represented, and researched from the sixth century to the internet. The sixteen chapters, illustrated with over 100 images, show the changing manner in which the Wall has been conceived and the significant role it has played in imagining the identity of the English, including its appropriation as symbolic boundary between England and Scotland. Hingley discusses the transforming political, cultural, and religious significance of the Wall during this entire period and addresses the ways in which scholars and artists have been inspired by the monument over the years.



Landscapes Beyond Land (2012)

Landscapes Beyond Land: Routes, Aesthetics, Narratives (2012)

Project: Landscapes Beyond Land

Editors: Arnar Arnason, Nicolas Ellison, Jo Vergunst and Andrew Whitehouse

Publisher: Berghahn Books

Land is embedded in a multitude of material and cultural contexts, through which the human experience of landscape emerges. Ethnographers, with their participative methodologies, long-term co-residence, and concern with the quotidian aspects of the places where they work, are well positioned to describe landscapes in this fullest of senses. The contributors explore how landscapes become known primarily through movement and journeying rather than stasis. Working across four continents, they explain how landscapes are constituted and recollected in the stories people tell of their journeys through them, and how, in turn, these stories are embedded in landscaped forms.



An Environmental History of the UK Defence Estate

An Environmental History of the UK Defence Estate (2012)

Project: Militarized landscapes in the twentieth century: Britain, France and the United States

Author: M. Dudley

Publisher: Continuum

This book explores the environmental history of the British military through a comparative framework of five key sites in England and Wales. The military presence at these places, it is claimed, has protected them from more damaging land uses such as intensive agriculture, urban sprawl and industrial development. The book examines such claims and explores how and why the military has embraced nature conservation policies. Marianna Dudley completed the research for this book during her PhD as part of the Militarized Landscapes large grant.



 Anticipatpry History

Anticipatory History (2011)

Project: Anticipatory Histories of landscape and wildlife

Editors: Caitlin DeSilvey, Simon Naylor and Colin Sackett.

Publisher: Uniformbooks

In recent years reports of accelerating sea level rise, species extinction, shifting weather patterns, and stressed landscapes have become increasingly common. Although we are well supplied with scientific information about environmental change, we often do not have the cultural resources to respond thoughtfully and to imagine our own futures in a tangibly altered world.

This book poses the term ‘anticipatory history’ as a tool to help us connect past, present and future environmental change. Through discussion of a series of topics, a range of leading academics, authors and practitioners consider how the stories we tell about ecological and landscape histories can help shape our perceptions of plausible environmental futures.



 Contested Common Land

Contested Common Land: Environmental Governance Past and Present (2010)

Project: Contested Common Land: environmental governance, law and sustainable management, c. 1600-2006

Authors: C.P. Rodgers, E.A. Straughton, A.J.L. Winchester, and M. Pieraccini.

Publisher: Earthscan

Contested Common Land brings together historical and contemporary legal scholarship to examine the environmental governance of common land from c.1600 to the present day. It uses four case studies to illustrate the challenges presented by the sustainable management of common property from an interdisciplinary perspective - from the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, North Norfolk coast and the Cambrian Mountains. These demonstrate that cultural assumptions concerning the value of common land have changed across the centuries, with profound consequences for the law, land management, the legal expression of concepts of common 'property' rights and their exercise. The 'stakeholders' of today are the inheritors of this complex cultural legacy, and must negotiate diverse and sometimes conflicting objectives in their pursuit of a potentially unifying goal: a secure and sustainable future for the commons.



 Militarized Landscapes book cover

Militarized Landscapes: From Gettysburg to Salisbury Plain (2010)

Project: Militarized landscapes in the twentieth century: Britain, France and the United States

Editors: C. Pearson, P. Coates and T. Cole

Publisher: Continuum

This volume is the first to explore the comparative histories and geographies of militarized landscapes. Moving beyond the narrow definition of militarized landscapes as theatres of war, it treats them as simultaneously material and cultural sites that have been partially or fully mobilized to achieve military aims. Ranging from the Korean DMZ to nuclear testing sites in the American West, and from Gettysburg to Salisbury Plain, Militarized Landscapes focuses on these often secretive, hidden, dangerous and invariably controversial sites that occupy huge swathes of national territories.



 Process Landscape and Text book cover

Process. Landscape and Text (2010)

Project: Understanding landscape through creative auto-ethnographies

Editors: C. Brace and A. Johns-Putra

Publisher: Rodopi

Process. Landscape and Text explores questions of how text shapes our perception of landscape as much as it is shaped by it, and how we might account for the points at which text and landscape intersect. The first part of the volume introduces us to the question of process in landscape and literary studies; the second part examines the moments within the process by which landscape and text come to bear upon each other; and the final part deals with the relationship between the material experience of landscape and the formal characteristics of a given text, using this to reflect back on the processes of landscape perception and creativity. This volume spans the disciplines of geography, literary studies, and the visual arts. It also brings together scholarly and creative perspectives, interspersing academic commentary with poetic-photographic essays. It is the tenth volume in the 'Spatial Practices: An Interdisciplinary Series in Cultural History, Geography and Literature'.



Project book chapters



'Hadrian's Wall'

In: Bagnall, R., Broderson, K., Champion, C., Erskine, A. and Huebner, S. (eds). (2011). Encyclopedia of Ancient History. 13 vols. (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Project: Tales of the Frontier: political representations and practices inspired by Hadrian's Wall

Author: R.E. Witcher



  Scottish Art since1960

‘The Feel of the Situation’: National Identity and the Avant-Garde in Scottish Art (1968–78)

In: Richardson, C. (2011). Scottish Art Since 1960: Historical Reflections and Contemporary Overviews. (Ashgate).

Project: Landscape as conceptual art: retrieving values in John Latham's conceptualisation of 'Five Sisters' (1976) as monumental process sculptures

Author: C. Richardson




  The Land Question in Britain

'The Common Field Landscape, Cultural Commemoration, and the Impact of Enclosure, c.1770-1850'

In: Cragoe, M. and Readman, P. (eds). (2010). The Land Question in Britain 1750-1950. (Palgrave Macmillan): 19-36

Project: Contested Common Land: environmental governance, law and sustainable management, c. 1600-2006

Author: I. Waites




'Problems for pastoralists in the lowlands: river basin development in the Awash and Omo Valleys'

In: Kloos, H., and Legesse, W. (eds.) (2010). Water Resources Management in Ethiopia: implications for the Nile Basin. (New York: Cambria Press). Chapter 9

Project: Landscape, people and parks: Environmental change in the Lower Omo valley, Southwestern Ethiopia

Authors: D. Turton, H. Kloos, W. Legesse and S. McFeeters




'Kenya's cattle trade and the economics of empire, 1914-1948'

In: Brown, K. and Gilfoyle, D. (ed). (2010). Healing the Herds: Disease, Livestock Economies, and the Globalization of Veterinary Medicine. (Ohio: Ohio University Press): 250-268

Project: Landscape, people and parks: Environmental change in the Lower Omo valley, Southwestern Ethiopia

Author: D. Anderson





In: Beaumont, M. and Dart, G. (eds). (2010). Restless Cities. (Verso).

Project: The future of landscape and the moving image

Author: P. Keiller



 Speaking up and speaking out

'Are you listening?'

In: Paisley, K., and Dustin, D. (eds.) (2010). Speaking Up and Speaking Out: Addressing Social and Environmental Injustice in the Leisure Services Profession. (Champaign, Illinois: Sagamore Publishing).

Project: Popular Musicscapes and the Characterisation of the Urban Environment

Author: B.D. Lashua





'Pubs in the precinct: music making, retail developments and the characterization of urban space'

In: Leonard, M. and Strachan, R. (eds.) (2009). The Beat Goes On: Liverpool, Popular Music and the Changing City. (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press).

Project: Popular Musicscapes and the Characterisation of the Urban Environment

Authors: S. Cohen and B.D. Lashua




'Musical Moves and Urban Change: Liverpools Popular Musicscapes'

In: Fincham, B., McGuinness, M., and Murray, L. (eds.) (2009). Mobile methodologies. (London: Palgrave Macmillan).

Project: Popular Musicscapes and the Characterisation of the Urban Environment

Authors: B.D. Lashua and S. Cohen




  London: The Illustrated History

'London's palaeolithic past'

In: Clark, J., Ross, C. and Hall, S. (2008). London: The Illustrated History. (Museum of London, Allen Lane).

Project: London before London: Reconstructing a Palaeolithic Landscape

Author: C. Juby




  Envisioning Landscape

‘Common culture: the archaeology of landscape character in Europe'

In: Hicks, D., Fairclough, G. and McAtackney, L. (eds.) (2007). Envisioning Landscapes: Situations and Standpoints in Archaeology and Heritage. One World Archaeology 52. (California: Left Coast Press). pp. 120-145.

Project: Unlocking historic landscapes in the Eastern Mediterranean

Authors: S. Turner and G. Fairclough



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