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Militarized Landscapes on The One Show

The One Show

Project: Militarized Landscapes in the twentieth century: Britain, France and the United States

Date: 19th January 2009

Icon Films (a Bristol-based independent film company specializing in history and natural history documentaries) agreed to collaborate with project PI Peter Coates to include a short documentary about the recent reintroduction of the great bustard to Salisbury Plain among the six species it would submit to the commissioning editors of the BBC's The One Show for the second instalment of its series on endangered British wildlife, ‘Back from the Brink'. The programme received an audience of 5.2 million.

View of the west bank of the Omo from Korcho in Kara territory

Crossing Continents

Project: Landscape, people and parks: Environmental cin the Lower Omo valley, Southwestern Ethiopia

Date: 26th March 2009

The Omo River in south-western Ethiopia, site of the research project ‘Landscape, people and parks: environmental change in the Lower Omo Valley, Southwestern Ethiopia’ was the subject of Crossing Continents on BBC Radio 4, presented by Peter Greste. The programme included interviews with the project Research Officer Dr Marco Bassi. Peter Greste journeyed down the Omo River from Ethiopia's central highlands to Northern Kenya where the lives of nearly half a million of the world's most remote tribes people are threatened by a massive hydro-electricity dam. The peoples of South Omo exploit the annual river floods to cultivate extensively along the banks of the Omo. The dam will alter the dynamic of the seasonal flood and this could plunge them into a struggle for survival. Further information on the broadcast can be found on the BBC website.

Mud Sweat and Tractors

Mud, Sweat and Tractors: The Story of Agriculture

Project: The landscape and environment of inter-war England: an interdisciplinary approach

Date: April 2009

Two members of 'The landscape and environment of inter-war England' network were involved in the BBC4 programme ‘Mud, Sweat and Tractors’, a documentary series looking at the history of 20th century farming in Britain. Episodes centred upon milk, fruit and vegetables, wheat and beef.  Network activities directly influenced how those involved interpreted the historical materials available.


In Touch

Project: Touchstone test-piece

Date: 2008

Radio 4's "In Touch" programme for the visually impaired featured the Touchstone test-piece project in 2008. Using a developmental process of working one-to-one with a blind person on specific rock climbs, and utilising new technology, performance and studio-based methodologies, the project was designed to further pratice based research into experiential landscape to produce new spatial narratives.



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