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Several Landscape and Environment projects used film-making as a research method and produced films as research outputs. Please use the links to the project research pages to find out further details.

Stella Turk film

Stella Turk: A life in natural history

Project Anticipatory Histories

Simon Naylor produced this 40 minute documentary film with Shaun Pimlott (ROBOT i productions) in 2010. 

Stella Turk has devoted her life to the study of Cornwall's natural history. In recognition for her work Stella has received an MBE, the Stamford Raffles silver medal from the Zoological Society of London, an honorary MSc from the University of Exeter and has been made a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd.

The film records Stella's own thoughts about her life, her work as a natural historian and her views on the changes taking place in the county around her. It was filmed over the course of three extended interviews at Shang-Ri La over the summer of 2010.

Robinson in Ruins poster

Robinson in Ruins

Project: The future of landscape and the moving image

Robinson in Ruins (2010) is an account of a journey made by a wandering, erratic scholar, through landscapes in the south of England. The film is narrated by Vanessa Redgrave and is the third in the 'Robinson' series directed by Patrick Keiller. It has its debut in September 2010 at the Venice Film Festival, and its first UK screenings were during the London Film Festival on 19th and 21st October 2010.

The film is now available for theatrical and other exhibition, distributed by the British Film Institute. The project team and 'Robinson in Ruins' are touring the UK in 2011, with a BFI DVD release scheduled for 20th June 2011. 

liquid city mumbai

Liquid City

Project: Liquid city: Water, landscape and social transformation in 21st century Mumbai

Liquid City (2007) explores the complexity of water politics in Mumbai ranging from the engineering challenge of transferring nearly 3,000 million litres of water a day to the city from the jungles, lakes and mountains of the state of Maharashtra to debates over flooding, privatization and social conflict. The film combines in-depth interviews with activists, engineers, local residents and other voices to paint a unique picture of this vibrant and fast changing city. The film has been shown at various conferences and exhibitions in the UK, India and the United States.

Grasmere Farington

Wordsworth's Sense of Place: Home at Grasmere

Project: From Goslar to Grasmere: Moving through and dwelling in Wordsworth's manuscript spaces

Wordsworth's Sense of Place (2007) is a 25 minute film about Wordsworth's life in the Lake District, the love he feels for his chosen place and the connection between place, poetry and self-identity that is so central to his work. Filmed on location in the Lake District, this programme explores the importance of landscape and environment for Wordsworth, as a 'Lake Poet'. It is illustrated with original manuscripts and paintings held by the Wordsworth Trust, Dove Cottage, Grasmere, together with readings from the poem. Leading scholars (Simon Bainbridge and Stephen Gill) analyse and discuss the text. A successful bid to the Friends Programme at Lancaster allowed for the distribution of 1000 free copies of the film.



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